In early 2018 we say goodbye to a friend, John Tree, former policeman and Jazz DJ, who has passed away. John was with The Zimmers together with wife Dorothy ‘Bubbles’ Tree. John, a charming man, will be much missed.

Frank Armstrong recently appeared at a music night to raise money for an animal charity, Frank wasn’t well enough to perform, but nevertheless he came out and lent his support on the night, and the charity raised over £300. The musicians who appeared were Robert Hokum and the Right Reverend Swifty LeZarre (US) pictured.

Inc. Grace Cook and Irene Samain

In 2017, we paid tribute to the late Jessie Thomason after she passed away. A night of music in Jessie’s home area, Hackney, featured two bands and fellow Geriantics Grace Cook and Irene Samain came out on the night. The bands who appeared were JFK Blue and The Beki Brindle Band (US).

On Saturday 4th July 2015, we made our debut. We sang at The Big O Festival in Orpington in Kent. The audience enjoyed our singing Imagine; Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me; and Lassie. Our performers on the day were Maura, Anne, Mollie and Tom, combined age over 300 years old! After the performance we posed for photos by the cars and motorbikes, and they were vintage too.

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